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Add TUEBL to your e-reader's OPDS catalog system:

Sorry, we know that it sucks when you get excited about a book and it's not there. TUEBL tries hard to ensure that uploaded books have been put up by their copyright holders but sometimes books slip through the cracks.

But This Is My Book!

If you own the copyright to the book, and it has been removed -- we take these issues very seriously. Please email [email protected] and tell us, we will re-approve your book and inform the other party. We will also seek a $150 fine against the body who removed the book, when paid we will issue you a $50 cheque for their negligence.

TUEBL is run by Travis McCrea. We have released the code of our underlying structure and have called it Alexandria, and you can download it on github.

For support or advertising requests email [email protected] (.com not .ca), for DMCA please view our legal page.